Arrival at the Center

Reception Area:

Upon arriving at the surgery center, you will check in at the reception desk. You will be asked to present your insurance card and photo identification, as well as make any payment for deductibles, co-pays or co-insurance responsibilities.

Pre-Operative Area:

You will be escorted to the pre-operative holding area where we will start your admission process and you will meet your healthcare team. You will be weighed and your vital signs will be taken. The nurse will review your labs and allergies and you will be asked a series of questions about your health history. Your surgical procedure will be reviewed and you will sign your surgical consent. Your surgical site will be marked. The nurse will start an IV for administration of fluids and medication for your surgery. You may be given oral medications that your surgeon has ordered for you before your surgery.

Anesthesia Provider:

You will meet your anesthesia provider in the pre-op area. Your health history and past surgeries will be discussed. Tell the anesthesia provider if you have ever had any problems with anesthesia or medications. Your provider will explain the anesthesia you will receive and you may ask any questions you have.


The surgeon will initial the operative area before your surgery. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions at this time.

OR Nurse:

The OR nurse will introduce herself and review your health history. You will have to answer questions that you have already been asked. This is part of our surgical safety checklist program to ensure your safety while at our facility.

Operating Room:

The OR nurse will escort you to the operating room and the rest of the health care staff will greet you and introduce themselves. You will be transferred to another bed and a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter and EKG/ECG patches will be applied. Medication will then be administered through the IV to start your anesthesia.